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  1. noun act of regenerating; state of being regenerated. Electronics. a feedback process in which energy from the output of an amplifier is fed back to the grid circuit to reinforce the input. Biology. the .
  2. The coronavirus pandemic has brought about a sharp rupture in the way we live, unexpectedly plunging people around the globe into social isolation, anxiety about the health of their families and loved ones, and deep financial insecurity. Our task now is threefold: to bear witness to the suffering and heroism around us; to bring the love of the gospel to those suffering; and to imagine the.
  3. the regeneration of knitting and crocheting is in full bloom, with Hollywood stars admitting they knit and crochet on movie sets Recent Examples on the Web Since the s governments have launched local and regional regeneration schemes at the rate of about one per year.
  4. Regrowth of lost or destroyed parts or organs. Certain lizards, for example, can regenerate their tails if they lose them to a predator, and a number of invertebrate animals, such as starfish, can be cut into several pieces that will each regenerate into a whole new organism.
  5. Apr 28,  · Regeneration is a radical change. Just as our physical birth resulted in a new individual entering the earthly realm, our spiritual birth results in a new person entering the heavenly realm (Ephesians ). After regeneration, we begin to see and hear and seek after divine things; we begin to live a life of faith and holiness.
  6. May 07,  · An Earth research team uncovers wreckage and drones from the Borg sphere that attempted to stop Zefram Cochrane's warp flight nearly years ago. The Borg regenerate, assimilate the team, modify their transport and flee Earth. Enterprise answers a distress call too late, rescues "survivors," and Phlox is injected with assimilation nanoprobes/10(K).
  7. It is supposed that regeneration in this sense denotes the final stage of development of all creation, by which God's purposes regarding the same are fully realized, when "all things (are put) in subjection under his feet" (1 Corinthians ).
  8. Regeneration happens when the Holy Spirit makes us a new creation, resurrecting us from being dead in sin and making us alive in Christ. This process is completely the work of the Holy Spirit, and not dependent on our works at all.

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