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8 thoughts on “ Estrus - Various - CIMPosium - Volume 5 (CD)

  1. Mar 03,  · The term estrus 1 was first used (as oestrus 2) in Heape’s () publication, “The ‘sexual season’ of mammals and the relation of the ‘pro-oestrum’ to menstruation,” in which he defines estrus as the “special period of sexual desire in the female.” Estrus is a Latin adaptation of the Greek word oistros, which means gadfly, frenzy, or madness.
  2. Estrus in jills is characterized by dramatic vulvar swelling from an anestrous diameter of 5–16 mm to an estrous diameter of 17–33 mm. Changes in vaginal cytology have also been described for the ferret and other mustelid species, but these changes are seldom used to determine onset of estrus or to schedule breeding (Williams et al.,
  3. Estrus 9 days, Proestrus 8 days, repeats until mating occurs, estrus when estradiol present, progesterone is low throughout; After mating, LH surge induced, progesterone increases then decreases, estrus returns after parturition when progesterone goes back down. Causes of Anestrus. Pregnancy Presence of offspring season stress pathology.
  4. Shine was a various artists compilation album series released by PolyGram TV in Britain from to , centring on indie rock, largely from new British bands (several American bands, like Green Day and Dinosaur Jr. appeared sparingly). The series began in to capitalize on the Britpop scene. In total, there were ten Shine albums, plus a 'Best of '97' compilation and a final 'Best of.
  5. Estrus 'events' Estrus averages 9 days in duration, but can be as short as 3 days or as long as 21 days. The male and female are both interested in each other. The bitch will 'flag' her tail, as if allowing access to the vulva. Click to see 'Flagging' The estrous behavior results from the estrogen that peaked during proestrus abruptly declining.
  6. N.K. Mello, J.H. Mendelson, in Hormones, Brain and Behavior (Second Edition), Chronic cocaine effects on the estrous cycle. The estrous cycle in rodents occurs every 4–5 days throughout the year (Freeman, ).The sequential stages of proestrus (1 day), estrus (1 day), and diestrus (2 days) correspond functionally to the follicular, periovulatory, and luteal phases of the.
  7. Dec 10,  · Applied Repro Symposium: Physiological Principles of Estrus Synchronization Angus e-List Development of technologies to increase reproductive efficiency and improve genetic merit has occurred at a rapid pace to include embryo transfer (ET), ultrasonography, transgenics and cloning. Of all available reproductive technologies, University of Missouri (MU) animal scientist Michael Smith ranks.

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