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8 thoughts on “ Cop An Attitude

  1. A cop is a police officer. If you realize you're speeding in a school zone, you might look around nervously, hoping you won't see a cop. a verb, it means "to steal" or to "strike an attitude." An angry cop might say to a young troublemaker, "Hey, don't cop an attitude with me!" In the US, a legal defendant can also "cop a plea," or agree to.
  2. cop an attitude. Sl. to take a negative or opposite attitude about something. My teenage son copped an attitude when I asked why he seemed to be sneaking around. See also: attitude, cop. McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs. © by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.
  3. Cop An Attitude: Phrases. Meaning: Adopt an aggressive or antagonistic bearing. Example: Origin: This follows on from previous 'cop' phrases: Copped it - to be caught or be in trouble, recorded from Cop a feel - to fondle sexually, recorded from Cop on with - .
  4. Comment: Patrick Gammon - Cop An Attitude - 7 Inch - UK Pressing - Motown - - TMG - Demo B/W My Song In G. Sticker Mark To A-Side Label - In Plain/Company Sleeve, Condition (Disc): /EX-. Quick dispatch. International orders sent Airmail.
  5. What is another word for cop an attitude? cop an attitude. Need synonyms for cop an attitude? Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Verb. Behave affectedly in order to impress others.
  6. Definition of cop an attitude. US, informal.: to show that one believes he or she is more important or better than other people by behaving in a rude or unpleasant way The students tried to cop an attitude with the new teacher.
  7. The origin of the word “cop” as used here is a slang term used to mean “pick, to take hold of, to catch.” So, in the sense I use “to Cop an Attitude” I saying you need to take hold of or to catch a predisposition to respond positively toward your relationship. So what attitudes should you cop .

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